About Us

Kussen Clothing is a U.K born premium apparel brand with European influences and Global aspirations


Kussen has built a reputation for having clean and fresh clothing which has been photographed the world over by all walks of life. Kussen Clothing especially comes into it’s own during the summer months: with the fan base utilising the Kussen Clothing collection will expand with comfortable fashionable festival wear. Kussen clothing aims to provide quality, sharp and fresh clothing for the masses with hard hitting logo/clothing designs.

The Kussen Clothing team is constantly experimenting with designs and colour waves to maximise the potential of the kussen brand while also expanding the Kussen Clothing line.
The Kussen Clothing brand is supported by a strong internet presence and solid social media foundation. A new fully functional, mobile friendly website has been launched recently which allows the customer to view and purchase Kussen Clothing items quickly, easily and safely.

The future holds no barriers or limits with Kussen Clothing aiming to grow and grow with the expansion into the luxury fashion market with different concepts and limited edition pieces. The Kussen brand has healthy international core which we aim to enchance and tap into the huge European market which Kussen Clothing fits so well in. The name Kussen is different as well as hard hitting which is sure to be house hold name in the near future.